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Life Insurance for Seniors Over 80

When it comes to seniors over 80, life insurance typically focuses on covering final expenses, which is why it is commonly referred to as burial insurance. These policies are designed as whole life plans with a smaller benefit amount.

How to get a burial insurance quote

Understanding how life insurance works for seniors over 80 is important. These policies, known as whole life insurance, offer the following benefits:

  • Premiums remain consistent and do not increase over time.
  • The benefit amount you receive never decreases.
  • As long as you continue to make payments, the coverage remains in effect and does not expire.
  • The policy also accumulates cash value over time.

The specific policy you qualify for depends on factors such as your gender, location, and overall health. However, it’s worth noting that we can help find policies for virtually everyone, including those who have been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, and those who are over 80 years old.

The key to obtaining the best rates and highest coverage is to work with an agency that has access to multiple insurance carriers, and that is precisely what we specialize in. Our goal is to ensure that everyone receives the most suitable policy for their needs.

Do I need to be concerned about a waiting period?

When you reach the age of 80, it is still possible to find life insurance policies that do not have a waiting period. However, in order to obtain such a policy, you will need to apply for a simplified issue policy, which involves answering a health questionnaire.

Please don’t worry about this process. Having certain conditions, such as diabetes, does not automatically disqualify you from qualifying for life insurance without a waiting period. Furthermore, these questionnaires are designed to be straightforward and won’t take up much of your time to complete.

How much life insurance coverage am I eligible for?

Typically, individuals who are 80 years old and above have coverage limits of $40,000 or less. However, we may be able to explore policies that offer higher coverage amounts. In such cases, it may require combining multiple policies from different insurance companies.

Your eligibility for coverage primarily depends on factors such as your age, location, and overall health.

The most appealing aspect of these policies is their flexibility. The payout is a tax-free cash amount that is directly provided to the beneficiaries you have named. Unlike being paid to a funeral home or other specific purpose, this money can be used by your family in any way they see fit or as you have outlined in your will.

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